Wrinkles line references are characterized by anti-wrinkle, intensive lifting effect, renewing action, moisturizing emulsion, revitalizing effect.

They have a concentration of active pharmaceutical grade peptides designed to smooth and fill wrinkles and have a tightening effect and immediate lifting. The actives are able to simulate the botulinum toxin effect, with blocking action on facial expression; acting in the muscle, they inhibit the release acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction, but without producing any side effects.

Wrinkles line References slow down skin aging and return elasticity to the skin improving hydration. It counteract the free radicals effects and deeply nourish. The results are immediate and long lasting.

Actual results ranging from 52% al'82%, visible from the first application after only 30 minutes.

Elaborate from prepared until now used in the medical field.


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